The development of domestic autonomous automobile automatic transmission industry encounters key points

2021-03-23 15:14

Through years of hard work of independent brands, domestically-produced vehicles finally used our own transmissions and solved the technical problems. The next step is the establishment of industrialization. This stage of development will have greater uncertainties. Foreign-funded automatic transmission companies have brought unprecedented pressure to the current self-owned brand automatic transmission industry by reducing product prices or joint ventures with domestic vehicle companies.

The key to the realization of the industrialization of the self-owned brand automatic transmission is whether it can be supported by the vehicle manufacturers. At present, there are three types of vehicle companies: Sino-foreign joint ventures, private enterprises and state-owned enterprises.

The choice of suppliers of components such as automatic transmissions for the Chinese-foreign joint venture vehicle company is in the hands of foreign parties. Foreign parties are accustomed to using their parent company's mature key component suppliers, and it is almost impossible to choose Chinese autonomous transmissions.

In this way, the hope for the industrialization of domestic autonomous automatic transmissions can only be pinned on private vehicle companies and state-owned vehicle companies. Therefore, only domestic autonomous vehicle companies can save domestic autonomous automatic transmissions.

There is a very mature precedent for domestic autonomous vehicle companies to provide matching opportunities for domestic autonomous automatic transmission companies. The cooperation between Dongan Automobile Development (DAE) and Zotye Automobile has achieved great success. Among Zotye's many models equipped with DAE 6AT, due to the targeted calibration of its engines by Dongan Auto, so that Zotye's models equipped with Dongan Auto 6AT are better than the average standard of independent brands in terms of driving texture and fuel consumption. And there will never be any restrictions on supply.

At the same time, the government is also an extremely important independent support force for the industrialization of domestic autonomous automatic transmissions. Under the circumstances of expanding opening up, the domestic automobile industry should form an anti-monopoly and anti-dumping working group with the participation of legal experts and technical experts, establish a normal working mechanism to prevent foreign companies from dumping and monopolize the market, and maintain the safety of domestic auto automatic transmission and other industries.

For companies with limited technological capabilities, they should use key technologies as the main line and capital as the link to carry out resource integration and industrial reorganization, further optimize the industrial structure, and coordinate innovation to accelerate the improvement of the overall competitiveness of the domestic automobile industry. Establish a national team for joint research and development of high-efficiency powertrains of plug-in hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles to seize the commanding heights of future industrial technology.

Research and formulate policies such as tax relief and subsidies that do not violate the rules of the World Trade Organization, and support the development of the domestic automotive automatic transmission industry chain to enhance its market competitiveness. Increase the purchase of domestic autonomous automatic transmission vehicles in the procurement process of official vehicles to provide market guarantee for the industrialization of domestic autonomous automatic transmissions. Under the premise of independent decision-making by enterprises, actively promote the in-depth cooperation between domestic autonomous automatic transmission companies and domestic autonomous vehicle companies, and in particular, guide autonomous vehicle companies to invest in domestic autonomous automatic transmission companies.

There is a potential demand for more than 8 million automatic transmissions a year between domestic autonomous vehicle companies and domestic autonomous automatic transmission companies. If domestic autonomous vehicle companies cooperate closely with domestic autonomous automatic transmission companies, this market space still has the potential to expand. The domestic autonomous automatic transmission industry has ushered in the most critical moment.


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