Automatic transmission maintenance strategy

2021-03-23 15:00

Automatic gearbox is a kind of equipment that can automatically shift gears according to engine speed, which appears as opposed to manual gearbox. There are three common types of automotive automatic transmissions, namely, hydraulic automatic transmission (AT for short), mechanically continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT for short), and electronically controlled mechanical automatic transmission (AMT for short).

In the eyes of most drivers, changing the transmission fluid (that is, ATF fluid) in the automatic transmission is the same as changing the engine oil. Just find a place to put the old oil, tighten the drain plug, and pour the new oil in. The dipstick will be fine, but it is not. Modern automobile automatic transmissions are highly sophisticated power transmission devices, mostly controlled by computers, equipped with many precision components: hydraulic torque converters, sun gears, planetary gears and complex and small oil passages, etc., which pollute them. Material and temperature changes are very sensitive. If the necessary maintenance is lacking, the automatic transmission will have troubles such as rough work and difficult shifting. According to statistics, 90% of automatic transmission failures are caused by pollution and deterioration of transmission fluid.

Tips for automatic transmission maintenance:

1. For every 50,000 kilometers of the car, connect the equipment to the power supply of the car, and use the matching joint to connect the equipment to the transmission cooling pipe. Then, when the engine is idling, add the automatic transmission cleaning agent, step on the brakes with your foot, and replace each gear of the automatic transmission one by one to remove harmful substances, and then replace the automatic transmission fluid with the help of equipment.

2. Add the automatic transmission protective agent to the automatic transmission at a ratio of 5%. For the automatic transmission of the old car, it is best to add a bottle of automatic transmission stopper to restore the aging of the transmission seal and prevent leakage.

3. Effect: The paint film and other deposits in the system can be completely discharged from the automatic transmission to avoid contamination of the new ATF fluid. Restore the elasticity of the automatic transmission oil seal, enhance the sealing performance, and prevent and stop the leakage of the automatic transmission. Improve the performance of ATF fluid and extend the life of ATF fluid and automatic transmission.

Cars equipped with automatic transmissions do not have a clutch, which fundamentally avoids accidental engine stalls caused by improper operation. However, some automatic transmission models may accidentally stall midway due to mechanical failures. In this case, if there is no situation before, you can restart without stopping.

The specific method is to quickly push the shift lever into neutral (N), turn the ignition switch to the START position, and after the restart is successful, quickly pull the shift lever to the D lever to start normal driving. If the engine still fails to start after repeated attempts, it indicates that the fault is serious. At this time, it should be stopped decisively for maintenance.

To apply this method, you must be familiar with the operation of the vehicle. If you use too much force, pushing the gear lever directly into the reverse gear (R) will cause greater damage to the transmission, and the ignition switch of some vehicles can prevent a second start. The function must be turned back to the closed position before restarting, but be careful not to lock the steering wheel. In addition, after the engine is turned off, the braking and steering assist will also fail. At this time, more force is required to control Live in the vehicle.

Everyone knows all this, but in an emergency, it is inevitable to be in a hurry. Therefore, if you are a novice, it is best to park your car to the side of the road in a down-to-earth manner. Remember: at any time, a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission cannot use reverse drive start.


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