Automatic transmission disassembly and disassembly steps

2021-03-23 15:07

Take Toyota A341E and A342E automatic transmissions as examples below


Removal of rear-drive automatic transmission


1-speedometer flexible shaft 2-wire harness 3-oil dipstick and filler pipe 4-radiator oil pipe 5-exhaust pipe middle section 6-shield 7-transmission 8-control handle lever 9-flywheel housing cover 10-variable torque Connecting bolts between motor and flywheel 11-starter 12-bracket 13-automatic transmission

(1) Remove the automatic transmission throttle cable connected to the throttle rocker arm, unplug all the cable plugs on the automatic transmission, remove the speedometer flexible shaft, hydraulic oil filler pipe, radiator oil pipe, joystick and manual valve The connecting rod of the rocker arm and all the parts connected with the automatic transmission.

(2) Remove the middle section of the exhaust pipe, and remove the guard and guard plate under the automatic transmission.

(3) Loosen the connecting bolts between the drive shaft and the output shaft of the automatic transmission, and remove the drive shaft.

(4) Remove the flywheel housing cover, use a screwdriver to pry the flywheel, and remove the connecting bolts of the flywheel and the torque converter one by one.

(5) Remove the starter.

(6) Remove the connecting bracket between the automatic transmission and the frame, and use a jack to support the automatic transmission.

(7) Remove the connecting bolts of the automatic transmission and the flywheel housing, and lift the torque converter and automatic transmission together. When lifting down the automatic transmission, hold the torque converter to prevent it from slipping off.


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